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Finding Free Beats online is not as hard as it used to be but finding quality free beats can be a challenge. At Best Free Beats we are always adding new Free Beats every week. And these are not just some beats cocked up by an amateur in a bedroom studio. These are beats created by Platinum Producer Johnny Jam in a world class recording studio. So why offer them for free?? What is the catch?

It’s all about marketing. We give you something for free and you help spread our name around. Tell your facebook friends about us. Give credit to on your CD’s. Help us so we can keep providing you with awesome Free Beats.

Unlike most other producers who provide some free beats, we actually allow you to use the beats and we don’t tag them either. Of course, if you start making big money using the beats, we would love a small share of the profits but it is not mandatory that you pay us.

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